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Roadmap Questions – Why no Pages?

Avatar photoTomasz Dziuda

No, pages functionality won’t come with the block editor. Block editor will need a lot of adjustments to work as a page builder, but it is a first step to introduce a page builder into Publii.

The Block Editor is in my opinion much better solution for any people who just want to write blogs based on Publii – it behaves much better than current WYSIWYG editor in many cases (e.g. writing a blog post with code examples). The WYSIWYG editor still will be available as it is a good solution to everybody who needs a full control over post content HTML.

We have no ETA for the pages feature, because providing any ETA’s is useless in such projects. The block editor was originally planned for September 2019 😉 And we will be happy if we will deliver Publii v.1.0.0. with it on February 2020 🙂

The next big milestone after Block Editor will be full multilanguage support and to be honest – it is much more expected by our users than separate UI for pages 🙂

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