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Roadmap Questions – Why no Pages?

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Hi Devs,

Thank you for listening to our concerns and for building such a great community.

I’m not a Web Developer Expert so I won’t be able to give a comprehensive list, but I’ll try my best. It may be necessary to canvas others as to what they think should be included in Pages. I’ll explain it as best as I can.

  • There should be a separate section above Posts, in the same style but it lists all the Pages in the site.
  • Pages should consist of a content area, with no title inherently attached to it the way that current Posts have (for example, I should be able to make a Page with no mandatory title viable at the top)
  • Pages should not be inherently linked or related to each other the way that Posts are.
  • Pages must be able to have embedded html (as current Posts can) so that I can embed an external contact form, etc.
  • Pages must have their own unique URL so they can be addressed and linked to from other parts of the site.

Kind of a stretch goal, but it should be possible to group multiple Pages under a kind of content group, so when creating Documentation sites, multiple pages can be linked together under a common topic. That Topic can’t be clicked on but just serves to gather up and order all the collected Pages. Right now I’m using Gitbook to do this for a few sites. Right now from what I can see Publii (in the Documentation themes) only allows a single Post to be a section and each section of that page is a new area under the same category, but for sites with more than a few short pages of documentation, I would need to be able to group multiple, separate pages under the same category. Gitbook does this, and I currently have a few sites hosted there but I would prefer to switch them all the Publii sites as I like this software better.

Other stuff like sidebars and etc are well beyond the scope of Pages I would think, if someone want’s that they’ll use WordPress.

I’ll update this thread if I think of anything else.

If you would like to set up a chat to discuss, please post your email address and I’ll get in touch.