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Roadmap Questions – Why no Pages?

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happy new year !

I’m a developer and after trying many good blog generator, I decided to switch for Publii.
Why is that ? first because I hate WP in 2020, I want a clean interface and be able to change my code as I like. I don’t want a labyrinthine menu as WP with tons of options.

Blog post are pages already. So why would you like to separate post from “real pages” ? Let’s think about it. Because this could deeply change Publii, and I don’t want to have another Wp like App again.

[anonymous] wrote:

There should be a separate section above Posts, in the same style but it lists all the Pages in the site.

I understand you’d like a different view (wp style) to separate your posts and other pages (that you call pages for whatever reason).  Maybe a workaround could make this possible without reinventing the wheel and WP :  adding a category  or type as a futur feature (post/pages/ landing pages etc) in the meta and filter out the “pages ” with this hack. The benefit of it could make the post become a page and vice versa (unlike WP ).

Pages should consist of a content area, with no title inherently attached to it the way that current Posts have (for example, I should be able to make a Page with no mandatory title viable at the top)

Maybe add a hide Title in the post settings ? as a futur feature

Pages should not be inherently linked or related to each other the way that Posts are.

Not very clear to me could you elaborate ?

Pages must have their own unique URL so they can be addressed and linked to from other parts of the site.

NOT great at all for SEO: I suggest you read the latest SEO started guide (by Google).

There are already tags in Publii so you can gather everything by tag.