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Roadmap Questions – Why no Pages?

Avatar photo[anonymous]

Here is my opinion:

  • We have the option of setting a post to be the homepage of your website.
  • We have the option of hiding a post so it doesn’t show op in any post lists.
  • We have the option of controlling the menu to link directly to these hidden posts (=webpages)

Honestly, I don’t see what more the developers should do. The functionality of pages is already there and very easy to use. At best, developers could rename the option ‘hidden post’ to ‘webpage’ or something, to make it a bit clearer.

I’m really weary of adding functionality that will make Publii needlessly complicated, and might introduce bugs. The strength of Publii is in its simplicity for new users and tweaking power for advanced users (hbs).

Really, if it’s up to me, the best thing the developers could do at this moment, is improve  the documentation (eg. include more examples, more structured documentation), fix bugs and develop more themes. The software is perfect as it is.