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Roadmap Questions – Why no Pages?

Avatar photo[anonymous]

Thank you for chiming in Mathias.

The reason that I ask for these features is exactly that – converting existing Posts into Pages is hacky and awkward. Confusing and overwhelming to new users. Anyone coming from WordPress or any other site builder is going to react the same way that I did when things they are expecting – that every other Static Site Builder has. Their weakness is they rely on the command line and are horrifically counter-intuitive. Hence Publii, and why Publii needs Pages in my view.

Publii is fantastic at creating Blogs … but for anything with actual (Web) Pages, not so great. This includes pretty much every website, as websites are built from Pages, not Posts. You might be experienced enough to code a workaround, but the whole point of a GUI based static site builder is that it doesn’t require you to be able to write code or run the command line / terminal to use it. Thats where it shines.

Formalising the current workarounds and defining a separate category of Page will make the countless non-developer users of Publii much more at home. Moving warm bodies onto the software requires making complex things simple so that they become accessible to people who can then focus on content not on technology. Implementing this feature is completely in line with Publii’s design philosophy and ENHANCES it’s specific niche.