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Open source form receiver and forwarder for static website

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That’s a very interesting question, @Verhoekx.

For years I’ve been using Allforms/Mailjol and it has proved to be reliable for contact forms, testimonial form and (very) simple order forms.

However it seems its makers abandoned the project. They no longer reply to questions in the forum and no longer collect money for the pro version ($ 10,-/year I believe). But the strange thing is: it keeps working flawlessly and reliably. Someone is clearly looking after Allforms. Over several years I have had zero problems with this service.

But as the situation is, no one knows Allforms’ intention. They obviously look after the service, but could also suddenly pull the plug.

So I too have been looking for alternatives, but nothing seems what we are looking for. Most Formspree alternatives have the “Freemium” model, which is easy to truly hate 😉

So I’m glad you brought this up. Let’s find a form handling service that is perfect for all Publiiists!