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Roadmap Questions – Why no Pages?

Avatar photo[anonymous]
[anonymous] wrote:

What is the status of this feature request? Will there be the ability to make pages in Publii 1.0?

I only recently discovered Publii. It looks really nice and ticks all the boxes for a CMS I was looking for! When I installed it (only last week) I was surprised that it didn’t have the ability to make pages but only posts.

The question that I think Publii must ask (IMHO) is what they want to be: a blogging system or a CMS for building websites?

I hope the latter because that’s what I want to use it for :-). But no hard feelings if they choose otherwise :-).

Actually, you can create ‘web pages’ or posts already.

Just depends on how you set up your Publii website.

It’s certainly easier if you use an existing Publii theme that is not too biased toward creating a blog (= posts). For example: – that site uses the ‘Editorial’ theme with great success.