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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 2; come help us make it better!

Avatar photochampi

Just tested for posting one article.

The editor is pretty unusual for me. But it works. I’ve just noticed a small bug when you use the arrow to navigate in the text. It’s a bit odd and hard to describe with text but I’ll try…

When you are in a paragraph. If you want to go down to the next paragraph, when you are at the end of this paragraph you have to press down twice to go to the next paragraph. If you continue to press down to the third paragraph, you don’t have to press down twice between two paragraphs. If you change the way you go (pressing the up key), you will encounter the same bug the first time you change of paragraph : cursor will go at the beginning of the paragraph, and then you need to press up twice to go to the previous one. You don’t need to press twice then until you change of direction.

I hope it’s clear… English is not my native language so… If you need best explanations I could try to do a video later.. Just let me know…