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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 2; come help us make it better!

Avatar photo[anonymous]

Here it is. I had to do a huge compression… An it’s still over 5 mo. So here is a send.firefox link with 3 videos in it (because of those other bugs) :

For the first issue see video IMG_8026_converted.mp4

I have a few other bugs (tested on Mac)

  • On mac, cmd-z to cancel doesn’t work (nothing happens)
  • If you try to insert a text inside a text, it creates a line break. Then if you want to remove the line break with backspace it doesn’t work. You have to use the delete key instead. (video : IMG_8035_converted.mp4)
  • Speaking of line breaks, you can’t add a manual line break (ctrl-enter in general). You could add a <br> in your code but…
  • If you have <br> in a text (html mode), when you go back in paragraph mode, <br> are removed
  • This last example is pretty annoying on long texts… (video : IMG_8036_converted.mp4)