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Roadmap Questions – Why no Pages?

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[anonymous] wrote:


Thank your for your quick reply!

Is it possible with Publii to change the following url:

into (for example) this url:

In other words: show the name of the tag? This way it would be possible to get nice structured urls!

It might be possible but, personally, I wouldn’t risk doing that. Why, at least a couple of reasons:

  • Excluding the domain name, having “stairlifts” and “stair-lifts” in the same URL more than once could give you problems with search engines. This doesn’t apply to the domain name as that already legitimately has the main keyword present.
  • The more additional customisation you may do to a theme, the more ‘technical upgrade debt’ you may have to deal with later, when those nice Publii folks make available upgrades to their themes and to Publii itself. You may also want to think of the AMP version too (which comes sort of already built into the Editorial theme, and others). So then it might all start getting more involved than at first expected.

So as much as possible, I suggest strive to keep it simple. While Publii themes like Editorial are remarkably flexible, thorough, sophisticated, and adaptable, thankfully, Publii themes like those are so well designed that in most instances, they have already done much of the ‘tech heavy lifting’, therefore give you / us more time and resources to move the ‘promotional focus’ to the website content and web marketing challenges. These are usually what ‘move the needle’ for all of us, though the tech side is crucially important.

The Publii tags option makes it each to create menus and page listings in themes like Editorial when or if you want to group related pages together. Having the name /tags/ in the URL is not a problem, makes perfect sense, so that what follows /tags/ makes the difference I think.

Hope that helps.