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Feedback on the online documentation


Here the same feedback but now copied as unformatted text:


Feedback user (Docs) documentation

• Installation: the home directory of a typical Linux system is not /Users but /home.

• Creating Website: change font-sensitive to ‘case sensitive’.

• Installing Theme: ‘comes with multiple themes built-in’ → ‘comes with one theme built-in’. (at least that was my experience). The paragraph below that should also be changed.

• The Post Editor → Inserting and Removing Links: Is it still possible to add internal (anchor) links or not?

• Tags: rename the word slug to a more user friendly word. Suggestion: Identifier?

• Menus → Menu Item Types → Author Link: after this paragraph, the paragraph ‘Author page’ should follow.

• Menus → Menu Item Types → Author Link: The sentence ‘but if users hover over it then a submenu containing Tag Link items will open’ is not really clear to me.

• Menus → Deleting a Menu or Menu Item: The sentence ‘To delete a menu item, click on the red garbage can icon next to the Edit text.’ isn’t correct anymore. Proposal: ‘To delete a menu item, click on the gray garbage icon at the right side of the menu item.’

• I think the menu items ‘Translate theme’ and ‘404 Error page’ belong to the developers documenation?

• Settings → Site Settings → Advanced options → AMP: remove last bullet.

• Tools → Regenerating Thumbnails: The sentence “This is an automated process accessible by clicking on the Settings option in the left-sidebar and scrolling down the settings page; the Regenerate thumbnails option is found in the Website Maintenance section.” is not correct anymore.

• Global Settings: Close post editor on save: The save and close drop down menu in the post editor already contains the option close and save. Is this option still necessary?


Feedback developers (Dev) documentation

• The download link on the page of the Starter theme doesn’t work. I downloaded the theme on GitHub.

• Remove the link “How to implement GDPR cookie popup support in your theme?” on the page “How to install a new theme?“. This link has nothing to do with the post.

• Handlebars – intro → Code blocks and context: “ we have to ways” → “ we have two ways”.

• Handlebars – intro → Code blocks and context: “to use a following syntax” → “to use the following syntax”.

• Handlebars – intro → Loops: “an array of arrays for each person” → “an array of persons”.

• Handlebars – intro → Loops: “all persons in a list” → “all persons in the list”.

• Handlebars – intro → Custom elements: “In example Publii built-in themes partials can be used for:“ → “For example partials can be used for:”.

• Theme structure: “partials/header.hbs” must be “partials/head.hbs” (I guess).

• Tips and tricks: Are the tips “How to create a post list from specific tags” and “How to display posts connected with a specific tag name?” not about the same thing? And are both functionality not now build in Publii? (Or maybe I’m just not understanding it well).

• Tips and tricks → Translations API: Change “With .json file, things like the text on buttons in the theme are defined in a language file that’s separate from the theme code.” to “The text in a theme is defined in a JSON file and this file is stored in the theme folder.”

• Handlebars tags → Basic items → Basic items: is this correct: {{avatar}} – author avatar URL and {{avatar}} – author avatar data? Both have the same tag name.



• An option to selected the preferred editor (WYSIWYG, Block, Markdown) would be great.

• Change the name ‘Assigned menu’ to ‘Menu location’. Much clearer.

• Theme → Custom settings → Layout → Frontpage → Selected posts: you can only select one post so it should be Post instead of Posts.

• Rename the option ‘Posts per page’ to ‘Posts on homepage’?

• Rename the option ‘Tag Posts Per Page’ to ‘Posts on tag pages’

• Rename the option ‘Author Posts Per Page’ to ‘Posts on author pages’.

• The basis and custom settings could be merged together (visually):

Theme Settings





• The same for the site settings:

Site settings





• Settings → Site Settings → Advanced options → Sitemap → Content: I miss a switch to toggle on and off the post pages?

• Themes: I miss an option to install a new theme with a file selector to select the zip file. Drag and drop doesn’t work on my system (Fedora 31).

Dragging and dropping a theme package onto the themes section doesn’t work on the Fedora 31 (Silverblue). This is probably due to the file selection dialog of the GNOME-desktop? I think extracting the zip-file in the directory ‘~/Documents/Publii/themes’ is enough?