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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4!

Avatar photo[anonymous]

Trying out the new block editor I think I found another small bug:

I think the difference between the options Code and HTML is that with Code you can show code with syntax highlighting in your web page and with HTML you can embed ‘raw’  html code to your webpage?

When I use the option Code the syntax highlighting is shown correctly in the block editor. However, when I look at the website I don’t see the syntax highlighting. When I choose for the language HTML, the HTML code is shown correctly in the block-editor but the HTML code is not shown in the webpage.

About the HTML option:

I think we can use this for embedding HTML code to the webpage? If so, then that’s great because now I can easily embed a Openstreetmap map in the contact page (I haven’t done this yet but I’m going to try it out tomorrow)!

I almost forgot: the title of the webpage with the code is “It is an example value for the preview mode”. A small bug I guess.

Good luck with all the bug fixing :-)!