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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4!

Avatar photoBob

Hi @Verhoeckx
Firstly, many thanks for your great feedback.
In response to your questions:

[anonymous] wrote:

Block editor: It’s not yet possible to add a video I guess?

The “embed”  block will appear in a stable release of Publii or soon after.

[anonymous] wrote:

Question: when I come across a bug in the coming weeks; what is the preferred way of reporting the bug? Here on the forum or on Github?

All isues related to the Prerelease version should be reported through the forum, for other, but related to the app, use the Github repository.

[anonymous] wrote:

Feature request: you probably already have many feature request but I would like to add  a, hopefully small, one: could you add the possibility to add a WYSIWYG field to the Post settings (postConfig array)? This way I can create an extra block on a page which an user can edit (!).

We don’t actually have such plans – added to the wish list.

[anonymous] wrote:

General comment: let me know when it’s possible to translate the interface of Publii to another language! When this is possible I would like to volunteer in translating the interface to Dutch!

After carefully considering this possibility, we decided to abandon it. This would involve many problems: UI – different phrase lengths, UX – e.g. the user installs the Chinese version of Publii and wants to get help with documentation written in English, the next hard thing is to keep the language files always up to date.

[anonymous] wrote:

General comment: Publii is build on the server technology node.js. Is it possible to run Publii on a server?

There is no such possibility for this moment.

[anonymous] wrote:

When I enter a text with a capital letter in a text input field in Publii (Theme -> Custom settings), the capital letter is transformed to a lowercase in the websit

Provide with me any screenshot/video because I can’t reproduce this problem.

[anonymous] wrote:

When I use the option Code the syntax highlighting is shown correctly in the block editor. However, when I look at the website I don’t see the syntax highlighting. When I choose for the language HTML, the HTML code is shown correctly in the block-editor but the HTML code is not shown in the webpage.

It’s not a bug; we use the syntax highlighting script for the HTML and Code block to improve the readability of the text. To play with that on the front, you need to install

[anonymous] wrote:

I think we can use this for embedding HTML code to the webpage?

Yes, you can insert any piece of code here.

[anonymous] wrote:

Here an idea to simplify the post options.

This is not the best solution, because each field can have more options and, what important, the global value set in the theme options.

Once again, thank you for all your thoughts and comments.