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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4!

Avatar photo[anonymous]

Damn, you’re fast :P.

I was just going through a diff and figuring out just the differences.

If anyone cares heres a quick extract of the new classes. There’s a couple more declarations¬† with a few minor differences but should not be an issue (hopefully).

I have not tried it, and would say that the class names don’t seem to match expected content, also inspecting a published post the markup seems to be the same. Anyway, some thought for the more daring :D.

@bob, is there a possibility of having the sass files for the current free themes, or even publish them in github. For the moment we only have this for the dev-starter theme. This would help a bit with making changes to existing themes.

Also have you considered adding support for css variables? This would make theming a little easier even without sass sources and browser support impact is pretty minimal, just a customary ie11 polyfill if you want to support it.