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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4!

Avatar photoitips3727
pointillistic wrote:

I installed Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4

Does it suppose to remove the previous Publii install? Because the previous stable 0.35.3 is still there and it’s a massive 1/2 gig file. Is is safe to uninstall?


When you install Publii v0.36 Prerelease 4, normally, you don’t need to uninstall your previous version.

Instead, you can install the new Prerelease 4 version in addition to your existing main version (currently, probably v.0.35.3 (build 12100)).

Some more tips on the page at:

I’m using an Apple Mac and just installed the Prerelease 4 version on the desktop and called it ‘Publii 2″. The main version is ‘Publii’. Both then work great, side by side.

Download your main v0.35.3 version from: