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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4!

Avatar photoBob

Hi @Verhoeckx,
Thank you very much for your great feedback.

Did you receive my feedback on the online documentation that I sent to you?

Yes, I did, thanks for all your comments, we are working on rewriting and updating the whole User documentation.
If you could write some articles, tutorials etc.. it would be awesome.

Is there still a plan to implement a feature to create pages?

Yes, but we have moved this idea to the next release, the stable version will not include this feature.

About the HTML block: I thinks it’s more user friendly when you always show the HTML

Yes and no, we have to think about it.

I noticed that when I paste some text (from the internet or a document) in the title of the wysiswg-editor

It’s a bug.

When you update the title of a post the name of the HTML-file (slug) is not changed.

It works as it should, for the first time the slug is created based on your title; the next time when you change the title, due to SEO, the slug should be changed manually.

Both times it turned my password to ‘publii [name-website]’.

It’s a bug.

In the excerpt of a post all html-elements are removed (e.g. br-element, strong-element, p-element)

It works as it should. The default version of the excerpt shows only unformatted content `{{{ excerpt }}}`, if you need to display a  more “complex” content,  just use the custom excerpt (Read more button in editors)

{{#if hasCustomExcerpt}}
   <div>{{{ excerpt }}}</div>
   <p>{{{ excerpt }}}</p>

The text ‘Powered by Tiny’ is shown on top of the right scroll bar in the WYSIWYG-editor

I can not reproduce this issue.

How can you add white space (a few enters) to a text with the new block editor?

Use the paragraph block and press: Shift + Enter as many times as you need; it will create a multiple <br/> lines. In general, all the spaces should be applied via CSS.

Are you going to add an option to align an image left or right in the new block editor?

Yes, it will be a dedicated block for this: Image + text; I am not sure if in the first stable version, but soon after.

Add the link type ‘mailto’ to the Insert/Edit link dialog. This for inserting a clickable email address into the text.

It isn’t necessary because right now you can choose External option and paste here your mailto link e.g.: ``

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