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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4!

Avatar photoVerhoeckx

Hello Bob,

Thanks again for all your answers!!


  • I’m thinking about writing a short tutorial about how to implement OpenStreetMap/Mapbox to a (Publii) website. Creating a basic map is simple but  customizing a map can be a little tricky.
  • Great that you still have the plan to add an option to add pages. Having said that: it’s perfectly possible to create a website with Publii without this option.
  • “It works as it should, for the first time the slug is created based on your title; the next time when you change the title, due to SEO, the slug should be changed manually.” This means that the user has to do a lot of manual work!! Is it really important for SEO? Doesn’t Google (and other search engines) discover themselves that a page has moved? Is an updated sitemap not enough?
  • The function <span class=””>hasCustomExcerpt</span> work perfectly!! Thanks!!! Maybe rename ‘Read More’ to ‘End of Custom Excerpt’?
  • About the ‘Powered by Tiny bug’: see attachment.


Possible new bugs

  • When you install Publii on a new computer and change the site location to a directory in Dropbox, the screen ‘Create new Website’ is shown despite the fact that a website already exists. This can be solved by manually setting the setting ‘Load at Start’ to the existing website. I guess the value of ‘Open the last used website’ is still empty.
  • Could it be that sometimes a file needs a ‘touch’ or a ‘tick’ (= a new timestamp)? I had two situations in which I didn’t change any code but a particular functionality worked after opening the relevant files.


Greetings from The Netherlands :-)!