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Where to add TinyMCE custom node filter?

Avatar photoGoFaster
Tomasz Dziuda wrote:

Hi @GoFaster,

The only place where you can add some JS code for the editor is tinymce.script.js file:

Thanks. I tried it earlier to no avail. The code needs to be inserted further “upstream.”

Earlier today I tried editing the .asar file directly but that didn’t work (Electron is new to me. I read about the error of my ways later. 🙄 ) The Electron app can be disassembled, changes made to the right component, and then reassembled to run. That approach comes with the obvious disadvantage regarding updates.

With TinyMCE a node filter can be added to a directory so it is pulled in before or during initialization. The structure of Publii appears to preclude that approach since the Publii files and resources are rolled into the Electron .asar file. Is that correct?