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Publii, Dropbox and syncing the db.sqlite file

Avatar photoVerhoeckx

Hi Tomasz,

I have to agree with you!

Publii is absolutely a wonderful and efficient system. The fact that it’s a client application makes it really accessible for customers and this is one of the reasons (besides the speed and the unhackable setup) that I chose Publii for building the next couple of websites. The fact that’s a client application has only one drawback: you have to sync the files in order to be able to work together (which creates the problem above). In an ideal situation Publii would run on a server and you would have to access it there. But as I understood from Bob this isn’t possible at the moment. If it would, Publii could become the next ‘WordPress killer’. Having said that: I also understand that it takes a lot of time, energy and money to develop this. (and I can’t help you because I don’t know how to program with Node.js and Vue).