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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4!

Avatar photo[anonymous]

I have done some testing:

Test 1

image: ‘wortels-en-vleugels.jpg’

The image in the post points to: ‘input/media/posts/5/wortels-en-vleugels.jpg’.

But when I look at that location I see that the directory ‘posts/5/’ is empty (except for the directory ‘responsive’).

When I search for the image ‘wortels-en-vleugels.jpg’ in the root directory of the website I do find the image in the directory ‘output/media/posts/5’ and ‘preview/media/posts/5’.

Conclusion: or the file is missing in the input directory or the address points to the wrong location.

Test 2

image: ‘werkruimte.jpg’

This image is part of a gallery so I can’t see where this image is pointing to (the location is not shown).

When I search for the file name I find the image in the following directory: ‘output/media/posts/4/gallery’ but nowhere else.

‘Test’ 3

When I look in the table ‘posts_images’ with ‘DB browser for sqlite’ I see that the column ‘url’ is empty.

Let me know if there is something else that I can test!