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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 5!

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Hello Bob,

Sorry for my reaction last week. I was a little bit annoyed that I had to restore the design of the website. But you are right: I get you theme for free so I shouldn’t complain! I have to use the new version of the theme because I want the block-editor to be supported.

I haven’t thoroughly reviewed prerelease 5 but there are already some bug that I can report.

General bugs

  1. As mentioned above, in another post, the password of the connection still ‘resets’ itself.
  2. When using the WYSIWYG-editor: the text popover disappears before I can click on an item.
  3. When using the Block-editor: after adding an e-mail address to a link (Link -> External), https is added to the link.

UI bugs

  • Have you decided how to show HTML code in the block-editor? Right now the code is interpreted and this means you get to see form elements when you have added them. This looks strange and makes the block-editor look unreliable. My suggestion: show the code or show an image on top of the HTML code (with the same height as the beneath it).

Feature request

  • Can you check how many databases connection are open at a given moment? If so, could you add a warning that someone else has already opened a website (and thus is editing the website)? This in order to prevent a database conflict. The reason I’m saying this, is that I already noticed a few times a database conflict on the file db.sqlite in Dropbox. This despite the fact that I and the other person try not to edited the website at the same time. I know this problem is fundamental to the architecture of Publli. Having said that: I think this problem needs to be solved somehow.

Taste theme bug

  • The line {{> top}} in the file index.hbs needs to be removed because this partial doesn’t exist anymore.

Thanks for Publii and good luck with the development!

Stay healthy,