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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 5!

Avatar photochampi

New issue.

I don’t know really if it’s related to the 0.36 pre releases series but it seems that I have this issue since that moment.

The Atom feed seems to be broken but only with posts written since the new version has been released (Maybe something due to the new editor ?)

Here is a link to my atom feed :

As you can see (tested in many feed readers), all the posts created until 9/01/2020 are well formatted. Then the posts from 20/01/2020 have this weird “jsonesque” informations before the content.

Note that these weird artifacts are in the son file too (

I think that the new editor might corrupt the datas stored in the rss feeds.

Here you’ll find 2 json feeds, the first one is OK, the second one shows all the “artifacts”

Good Feed :


Bad Feed :