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Breadcrumb and multilanguage

Avatar photoBob

In terms of breadcrumb, here is an example:

<ol itemscope itemtype="">
   <li itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope itemtype="">
      <a itemprop="item" href="{{@website.url}}">
         <span itemprop="name">Home</span></a>
      <meta itemprop="position" content="1" />
   <li itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope itemtype="">
      <a itemscope itemtype="" itemprop="item" itemid="{{post.mainTag.url}}"
         <span itemprop="name">{{}}</span></a>
      <meta itemprop="position" content="2" />
   <li itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope itemtype="">
      <span itemprop="name">{{post.title}}</span>
      <meta itemprop="position" content="3" />

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