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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 5!

Avatar photoGoFaster

A couple of observations and questions regarding the Publii preview release (running v.0.36.0 build 13098 on Ubuntu 18.04):

  1. When the program starts, a pop-up at the top of the UI appears that suggests testing v.0.36.0 Pre-Release 5, which is the version I am running.
  2. Cut and Paste using the keyboard CTRL + V does not paste. Paste does work when using the mouse e.g. right press mouse button, select Paste.
  3. In the Post mode, there are limited GUI button controls compared to the previous version. The GUI menu with button bar is concealed until text is added. IMO, it’s a good clean effect. But can that behavior be toggled on and off since I am sure some users will want to see a GUI button bar by default?
  4. Should images be added via the command line? I do not see a GUI button to insert an image. (I have yet to read the images .pdf file.)
  5. I just tested a Post. It did not render in a responsive manner on my smartphone Firefox for Android browser (therefore it is impossible to reach the right-hand edge of the page). The Post is responsive up to a point in Firefox on PC.

Any of the above may well be my mistake (aka “operator error”.) I’m not really familiar with Publii yet. If I’m screwing up, please let me know where. Otherwise, I’m happy to help track down anything that might be a bug.  🙂 IMHO, the Publii platform is a really useful approach to static HTML sites and holds a great deal of potential.