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Having problems restoring site to get work done after new system install!!!

Avatar photoTomasz Dziuda


If you by “limited amount of people” mean everyone using Publii on a Mac, then yes.

I see that you are very good in extrapolating cases 😉

1. Desktop files on iCloud is an option

2. It is not working for many peoples (e.g. for me due amount of files or for people who do not want to pay for additional iCloud storage)

3. To occur – the person must use different usernames on their macs

4. At first – Publii user must have more than one mac or migrate to a new one and change the old username

In my opinion it decreases amount of the affected people by 75-90% 🙂

To be honest – I agree that we should solve it and I will try to solve it before v.1.0, but please don’t say that it is a super critical problem which affects all macOS users, because it is not true 🙂

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