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Having problems restoring site to get work done after new system install!!!

Avatar photoTomasz Dziuda

I’m closing the topic because, as I wrote:

To be honest – I agree that we should solve it and I will try to solve it before v.1.0, but please don’t say that it is a super critical problem which affects all macOS users, because it is not true ????

For your information – the tone of your entries is starting to be very claiming. If you think that with such entries you will force us to solve ASAP of your own problems, I am very sorry, but you are in big mistake. This is not why we devote our private time to developing the Publii so that somebody can dictate to us what to do and at what point in time, because this is his wish or need.

For each case, we analyze the impact on users and this is the main criterion for queuing tasks and improvements in the Publii in case of found errors. You are the first person to report this problem, which in itself indicates that your hypothesis of a huge impact on all macOS users is being heavily overstretched and I have additionally listed groups of users who are not affected.

And so that we don’t misunderstand each other – we will solve this problem, because we absolutely agree that it can and must be improved, but we will do it when we find time for it in our publishing cycle (the fact that the problem looks like 2-3 lines of code does not mean that it will end there, because such a change can affect many other elements of the application and we must check and verify it).

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