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Simple Usability Question

Avatar photoBob
michelle55 wrote:

According to Publii’s slogan, this platform is also for beginners but that is proving quite the opposite so far.

Are you talking about the use or customization? If the first one is not too easy for you should consider changing the platform.

michelle55 wrote:

I am unable to see an item in my menu called “Home”. Even though clicking in the name of the site will take the user there, users are used to a home page. Is it possible to add one without having dupes and affecting my SEO?

Its a good UX solution and that can only increase the value of your site in terms of SEO.

michelle55 wrote:

I don’t want top banners for all of my pages just for the main page – how can I remove the banner from the rest of the pages?

It requires a change in core theme files.

michelle55 wrote:

Is there an easy way to add a contact form in Publii websites?

It depends on what hosting option you use; anyway have a look at

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