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Exporting full blog to an epub book

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Wow Mathias. I can’t program at all. I would not know how to do it myself. Thanks for sharing. You are kind. Great to know. Plus I may be wrong but such scripts could be written for Publii on Windows but not on Macs?

From my side, why I preferred an epub over a pdf is because most pdfs are not optimized to be read on mobiles due to their A4 or similar sizes, whereas we know 80% of the world’s audience is on mobiles anyway. They need a lot of pinch and zoom in such a case. Plus having separate pdfs for each post would need them to save so many pdfs separately. Whereas epubs can easily go to 1000s of pages in very lightweight xml pages I think along with all the features I mentioned above, which are not possible in pdfs.

Wish Bob and Tomasz create a paid plugin for epub export too after the plugin functionality is live in Publii. People pay so much for buying epub and website creator softwares at the same time. So they will certainly buy this epub export plugin.