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Is it there a way to selectively upload only new items?

Avatar photo[anonymous]

Hey Bob, thank you very much for your answer.

I understand there will be many things which will be affected by new posts. And I understand that will take a lot of time which I don’t care to spend if that’s a major change to the blog.

But look.

Sometimes I misspell a word, or let’s say: If I want to change a picture, removing an old picture and placing a new one.

If I modify a single character to the newest post, having in mind that everything else will be the same. The affected post has just a character difference, but the whole page will be uploaded again.

I guess the only way to do such thing is publishing my blog to a local folder, then manually uploading via FTP with the proper FTP client, which will ask what to do with current files on the server, so I can answer “If size differs” or not to overwrite current files on the server.

Anyway, as Publii solves by itself the FTP task, it would be great to have this options when uploading a correction like the one I mentioned.

Thank you!