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Is it there a way to selectively upload only new items?

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Hello Tomasz.

Thank you for your answer.

Your point 2 sounds technically logic. Nevertheless I haven’t done anything to modify the behavior of Publii on this point.

So now I wonder if there’s something I should have done before in order to make Publii work faster.

If so, can you please point me to an online doc where to find such information?

Let me say that I am just working with the default Publii options. So once I finish writing my new post, or comiting my minor changes to an old post, I just press the “Sync your website” button and when I see the “Website synchronization” window I hit the “Sync your website” again.

I have noticed there is a warning which reads:

Remember! Any duplicate files or filenames already in the destination location that match the Publii-generated files will be overwritten.

Which makes me think that, if -as mentioned before- I change a single character (misspelled word or something), the whole images and other stuff will be uploaded.

This should be solved by the comparison method you mentioned in your point 2, but I don’t know how to check if it is working on my end.

I am using Linux, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Publii is running pretty fine on this OS.

Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance.