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Is it there a way to selectively upload only new items?

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I have checked on my web server and I can see the file files.publii.json does exist in the root of the blog folder, as you can see highlighted on this screenshot.


The file contents seems not to be corrupted, as I can open this file in nano and the file contents looks human readable, I have checked the rest of the document and everything seems to be fine. Please check this screenshot.


The only thing I can’t understand, is why the elements declarations shows the path as an absolute path and not a relative one.

I mean, it reads:

"path": "/1er-sincronizada-2020/index.html",
"type": "file",
"md5": "0f1c47053ce17ef69adf5ee04b63bb76"

Where the path is /1er-sincronizada-2020/index.html, nevertheless, the absolute path on the server would be something starting with /home/USERNAME/public_html/blog/…

I am aware that the local paths will be different, based on my preferences and I don’t know if the path is just a part of the full path and the program itself will do something to gather the proper server’s folders information in order to run file checksums.

If this is not the normal behavior and you think I need to do something to fix this problem with the paths, do you mind telling me where can I set this variable?

Thanks in advance.