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Way to seperate tags using a character such as a comma or semi-colon

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Say I need to add 5 tags to my post, they are “recipes, bread, flour, eggs, oven”

I want to be able to copy these tags from somewhere else and add them all at once to Publii.

This is how it behaves right now:

It tries to add the whole string as one tag. The only way to add these 5 tags separately would be to copy them one by one and press the “add this as a new tag” button which is too time consuming for me.

This is what I want to happen when I copy that string in:

This is the way WordPress behaves, and the way most other software behaves (email client separates emails with ;, etc..). It looks like Publii used to have this behaviour too (according to the post I linked) but it was removed.