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    You guys need to seriously fix your themes. They were all great at first but I don’t know if it was the latest update or the one before that but 90% of them are destroyed

    Example 1 – TechNews – Technology Static HTML Magazine Theme (

    You see that nice little blue bar with the title and navigation  at the top of the page.. Yeah that’s not where it is. It’s about a good finger width from the top of the page

    Example 2 – Editorial 2 – Publishing-focused, blog-oriented Publii Theme (

    The hamburger menu (those 3 lines) no matter if it’s to push the side menu shut or to open it (mobile) the 3 lines don’t show up all the time instead you get a box with a X through it

    Example 3 – Tattoo – Free HTML Theme for Static Blog Website (

    The title & navigation, yeah that’s not where it’s at it’s now sitting in the hero section OR it doesn’t even show up

    The program is cool and all, themes need work like I said as of one of the last updates so lets get that fixed cause my sites became unusable so I had to create my own

    Avatar photokensquires

    So feeling frustrated since I like using publii I think a big reason is I’m a writer and a lot of the sites I like to drop articles and not just a short few lines but I like to let my creativity flow.

    Anyways I reinstalled publii without any of my sites added and I downloaded the TechNews theme created a test site in which yes I legit called it “test site” and added one article to the site that just said “hi” both subject and the actual text and used a random image for  the site. I previewed it and everything worked fine.

    So I deleted the test site I copied over my files (since I had previously uninstalled/deleted everything but I had backups) anyways it got down to about 300 files left before it said “do you want to overwrite these files” I normally choose YES this time I chose NO

    I then changed up my language to English Canada (it was on English International) but the test site was English UK  but it had the same issues as the top menu bar was showing up a thumb width from the top of the page, I then changed things up to English UK (just a test) nothing changed for the placement of the top menu bar. My next go-to was to delete all the free themes since I had every free theme installed, so I deleted them all and just reinstalled the TechNews theme.

    I then deleted everything in the config folder for that site, my site didn’t show up then so I knew I deleted something I shouldn’t have, went back to my backup and brought forward the config files that weren’t theme-associated but the problem (top menu a thumb width down the page) was still happening. I reset all the configuration for that theme back to default still same problem. I then remember I had two addons installed (Image decoding and Simple Website Translator) I disabled both of them and still same problem.

    I shall return shortly with more updates, the lights are starting to flick as we’re under a thunderstorm warning

    Avatar photokensquires

    Last quick update, I reset the theme (theme/reset theme settings) everything is working the way it should. so I’m thinking it’s something I did ?

    I’m going to set things up again how I had it and see if things go back.. but as I said above.. it’ll be in a little bit

    Avatar photokensquires

    So I got playing around with things some more, the theme/reset theme settings I thought that’s what fixed it… However I copied all my files back again and overwrote everything and I just did the theme/reset theme settings and it still had the initial problem. It turns out a plugin I was using was causing the problem and thet plugin was the user created translator plugin as I had it on my site once I disabled that everything went back to looking the way it was suppose to.

    If you have problems with themes check the plugins if you have that user created translator plugin disable/remove it and it should fix it.

    With me fixing this I’m marking this as closed

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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