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Change Avatar Image Size ??? … Plus another suggestion

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    Avatar photokensquires

    I normally don’t use avatars with my authors but it was something I briefly got looking into. I was wondering if in a future update, the user can change the size of the Avatar shown on the site.

    I get the avatar image at the bottom of each page in the author bio being small. But at the top of the article, if you click on the author’s name and it takes you to a list of everything that the author has done, that avatar image is so tiny it seems almost pointless, any chance of being able to choose the size that it gets showcased on the site?

    Now my suggestion is a mix of the two comments, can it be done so that when we disable the author bio at the end of a post it shows just the avatar instead? Without that ugly giant box around it? I know CSS code can disable that box but just as a general idea since I don’t think anyone uses the author’s bio for an actual bio.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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