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deploying to GitHub then cloudflare pages

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    Avatar photohystedm


    probably user error(!).

    I have managed to deploy my website to Github and set up Github pages to check it works:

    The followed the Publii instructions to set Cloudflare pages here:

    Github pages works fine.

    Issue: The home page from Cloudflare is absolutely fine, all links however are going back to the Github pages, not served via Cloudflare. ¬†Links don’t seem to have been transformed, even link for website title.

    Suspect a setting somewhere – anyone help?

    Avatar photohystedm

    Fixed my own problem.  Had to change the website URL in Publii server settings to the ultimate URL to be used (in this case the cloudflare one), to ensure the correct links created.

    This I assume would include if you then apply a custom domain.

    Obvious when you think about it – worth adding to top of the Cloudflare guide for others a bit dozy like me?

    Avatar photohystedm

    all sorted, now looking rather beautiful at

    Avatar photoprivii

    As a sidenote you don’t need to set up Github Pages if you plan on using Cloudflare Pages, just a regular private Github repo is enough.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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