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Questions about Publii

Avatar photoajeet

Hi Verhoeckx,,

Bob would be the best person to respond to your queries. But based on my experience with Publii so far, here are my responses to some of your queries. I have this website based on Editorial theme, so responses will be that accordingly.

  1. Sub menu – Yes
  2. The default Simple theme allows Header Menu, but in Editorial theme, I have created Header and Footer Menus
  3. Not full sure about this… I  have replaced “tag” with “categories” in the url, such as and the url under category “static-website” looks like this based on the settings below:tag
  4. Not sure
  5. Not clear about the Question, but there is an option in the UI to add Custom CSS
  6. FAQ, I think can be created using table of content. Note that based on this article I tried to create Anchor Links but it never worked for me. One of the users told me this worked for him, but for me never.
  7. Mega Menu – No, I asked this months ago, So for now, No.
  8. Forms – Here is the discussion you are already a part of. Hope somebody suggests some kind of solution for your need.
  9. yes using Custom Template:

Hope that helps.