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Questions about Publii

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Hi Verhoeckx,,

Bob would be the best person to respond to your queries. But based on my experience with Publii so far, here are my responses to some of your queries. I have this website based on Editorial theme, so responses will be that accordingly.

  1. Sub menu – Yes
  2. The default Simple theme allows Header Menu, but in Editorial theme, I have created Header and Footer Menus
  3. Not full sure about this… I  have replaced “tag” with “categories” in the url, such as and the url under category “static-website” looks like this based on the settings below:tag
  4. Not sure
  5. Not clear about the Question, but there is an option in the UI to add Custom CSS
  6. FAQ, I think can be created using table of content. Note that based on this article I tried to create Anchor Links but it never worked for me. One of the users told me this worked for him, but for me never.
  7. Mega Menu – No, I asked this months ago, So for now, No.
  8. Forms – Here is the discussion you are already a part of. Hope somebody suggests some kind of solution for your need.
  9. yes using Custom Template:

Hope that helps.