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Questions about Publii

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    Hello Publii developers,

    The coming months I have to build a few websites and I was looking for a new modern content management system that I could offer to end users.  After a long search I found Publii and I have to say that my first impression is very positive! The interface looks very modern and clean, and the fact that a user can change his/her website from the desktop makes it very user friendly!

    Having said that I have some doubt if it’s the right choice. These doubts are due to the following questions:

    1. Can I create sub menus? I answered this question myself and the answer is: yes!
    2. Can I have multiple menus? My answer: yes; if the theme allows it. Am I correct?
    3. Can I have replace the word tag in the url with the name of the tag so that I can create semantic internet addresses? Is this possible? The url should should reflect the position in the (sub) menu.
    4. Can I use the themes from the static site generator Hugo? I think so? I only have to change the ‘handlebars’?
    5. Assuming that a website has two (or three) columns. Could an end user change the look and feel of the other column (i.e. the column which doesn’t contain the post data)? I don’t think so?
    6. Is it possible to create a FAQ with Publii? My answer: I think that’s possible by adding code to the theme and it only will be possible to add this with Publii when someone creates a ‘block’ for this? Am I right?
    7. Is it possible to add a ‘Mega Menu’ with Publii? I think it is if the theme supports it?
    8. Does anybody know an open source solution that processes form data and turns it into an email? Assume that PHP is installed (most web hosting platforms do).

    The questions make it seem that I’m quite negative about Publii. The opposite however is true! My first impressions of the project is actually really good and I’m hoping for all the best!!!

    Last suggestion: just rename Post to Pages and it’s immediately clear that Publii is a true content management system and not ‘only’ a blogging system.

    Best regards,

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    Another question:

    9. Is it possible to add different templates (lay-outs) to different posts/pages?

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    Hi Verhoeckx,,

    Bob would be the best person to respond to your queries. But based on my experience with Publii so far, here are my responses to some of your queries. I have this website based on Editorial theme, so responses will be that accordingly.

    1. Sub menu – Yes
    2. The default Simple theme allows Header Menu, but in Editorial theme, I have created Header and Footer Menus
    3. Not full sure about this… I  have replaced “tag” with “categories” in the url, such as and the url under category “static-website” looks like this based on the settings below:tag
    4. Not sure
    5. Not clear about the Question, but there is an option in the UI to add Custom CSS
    6. FAQ, I think can be created using table of content. Note that based on this article I tried to create Anchor Links but it never worked for me. One of the users told me this worked for him, but for me never.
    7. Mega Menu – No, I asked this months ago, So for now, No.
    8. Forms – Here is the discussion you are already a part of. Hope somebody suggests some kind of solution for your need.
    9. yes using Custom Template:

    Hope that helps.

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    Hello Ajeet,

    Thank your very much for your help and elaborate answer :-)!

    1. Great to hear that Publii supports sub menus!
    2. Great to hear that Publii support multiple menus!
    3. I didn’t know you have the option to replace the prefix with another word. That’s for now a good (temporarily) solution!
    4. Can someone tell me if can you use the themes for the static website generator Hugo?
    5. Let’s rephrase the question: is it possible to have two posts side by side on one page (I think so)?
    6. A table of contents would be a good (temporarily) solution! I will try to make it work!
    7. It’s not possible to create a mega menu? As far as I know, a mega menu is nothing more then a normal menu with just a different lay-out (CSS). When needed, I will try to create my own (and share here it on the forum).
    8. I wonder how other developers who uses a static site generator solve this problem (without using a third party service).
    9. That’s very good news!

    Verdict: I have enough faith that I can build the websites that I envision with Publii :-)!

    I will now (finally) start reading all the documentation!

    Again thank you very much for your reply!


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    Hi @Verhoeckx

    Thank you for your time to read the above reply. Here are my responses

    4. Regarding Hugo, I don’t think so. This might help on this topic:

    5. “two posts side by side on one page“.  – This would mean 2 posts side by side on one POST ( as a page is technically a post in publii). So, even in WordPress, this is not possible as far as I know. But if you talk about two Blocks side by side, it is possible ( example:

    7. Mega Menu – No.  I asked Bob while I was evaluating Publii, he confirmed it. I think they want to keep the app as simple as possible.

    8. I have used Gatsby in the past and most of them use Netlify form submission, or some third party (  Without using a third party solution, I am not sure.

    Hope my responses help you.

    Good luck for your project 🙂

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    [anonymous] wrote:

    8. I have used Gatsby in the past and most of them use Netlify form submission, or some third party ( Without using a third party solution, I am not sure.

    Great link to some static form providers, Ajeet!
    Here’s another project that might fit the bill for @Verhoeckx :

    PHP, but still in development. No experience with it, seems promising tho.

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    Hello Ajeet,

    Again: thank you very much for your reply!

    4. (about Hugo templates):
    Should I not, in theory, been able to use very template/theme that exists on the internet? I ‘only’ have to add the necessary handlebars?

    5. (two post side by side):
    Yes, I mean two blocks side by side but both editable from the user interface. Having said this: this is not really important.

    7. (mega menu):
    I don’t mean a mega menu that’s editable from the GUI but just a mega menu on the website. Having said this: this is also not really important.

    8. (about forms):
    Thank you for the links with the form providers!



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    [anonymous] thank you for the link! Seems interesting!

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    Not technically Static Only, but I’ve used Jotform’s free tier very happily for a few years now, just embedding the HTML in a dedicated Post page.

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    Hi @Verhoeckx ,

    The Q4 is a bit technical. The developers could guide you on this. Sorry.

    Q.5 – I think this will be possible in Block editor. Next release. Bert had asked a similar question in this thread:

    Q6 – Again I am not sure. I asked Bob once about creating mega menus similar to WordPress, and he said no. So, he might be able to answer this. Sorry.

    Q8. Welcome 🙂

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    Hello Ajeet,

    What did you do to add an extra menu to the Editorial theme?

    I did the following:

    a)    I added the “aboutMaurice”: “About Maurice” to the JSON-object “menus”.

    The complete code is:
    “menus”: {
    “mainMenu”: “Main menu”,
    “aboutMaurice”: “About Maurice”

    b)   In a partial I wrote the following code

    {{#if menus.aboutMaurice}}
    <p>Menu aboutMaurice exists </p>
    <p>Menu aboutMaurice doesn’t exist</p>

    But when I run the above I get the message that the menu aboutMaurice doesn’t exits.
    Is there still something else I have to do?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Verhoeckx,

    I did not write any code.In the header, there are 3 menus: Categories(includes submenus), Subscribe , and Support ME.

    Here is the screenshot:


    Did I understand you correct ?

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    Hello Ajeet,

    Thank you very much for your help but it’s not exactly what I mean. If I interpret your screenshot correctly you have one menu with three menu items of which one has 5 submenu items. What I try to achieve is having two (or more) (‘main’) menus. The Editoral menu is doing this: it has two (‘main’) menus: mainMenu and footerMenu. You can find this in the JSON-array and in the Handlebar-code:


    “menus”: {
    “mainMenu”: “Main menu”,
    “footerMenu”: “Footer menu”

    Handlebar code

    {{#if menus.footerMenu}}
    <ul class=”footer__nav”>
    {{> simple-menu menus.footerMenu}}


    I want to achieve exactly the same thing but when I try to this, the second menu (aboutMaurice) is not found? I’m not sure if this is a bug or that I’m doing something wrong. I’m going to try it again!

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    It does work when I assign the second menu to mainMenu!

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    I don’t now what I did but somehow it seems to work now (?)!

    Maybe I had to unassign a menu first? I don’t know.

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    Did it work ?

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    Yes, I don’t what I did but suddenly it worked!

    I have now six menus on the website :-)!

    One main menu and five page have there own ‘sub-‘ menu.

    I will share the (temporary) address of the website in a private reply.

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