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Questions about Publii

Avatar photoVerhoeckx

Hello Ajeet,

Thank your very much for your help and elaborate answer :-)!

  1. Great to hear that Publii supports sub menus!
  2. Great to hear that Publii support multiple menus!
  3. I didn’t know you have the option to replace the prefix with another word. That’s for now a good (temporarily) solution!
  4. Can someone tell me if can you use the themes for the static website generator Hugo?
  5. Let’s rephrase the question: is it possible to have two posts side by side on one page (I think so)?
  6. A table of contents would be a good (temporarily) solution! I will try to make it work!
  7. It’s not possible to create a mega menu? As far as I know, a mega menu is nothing more then a normal menu with just a different lay-out (CSS). When needed, I will try to create my own (and share here it on the forum).
  8. I wonder how other developers who uses a static site generator solve this problem (without using a third party service).
  9. That’s very good news!

Verdict: I have enough faith that I can build the websites that I envision with Publii :-)!

I will now (finally) start reading all the documentation!

Again thank you very much for your reply!