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Questions about Publii

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Hi @Verhoeckx

Thank you for your time to read the above reply. Here are my responses

4. Regarding Hugo, I don’t think so. This might help on this topic:

5. “two posts side by side on one page“.  – This would mean 2 posts side by side on one POST ( as a page is technically a post in publii). So, even in WordPress, this is not possible as far as I know. But if you talk about two Blocks side by side, it is possible ( example:

7. Mega Menu – No.  I asked Bob while I was evaluating Publii, he confirmed it. I think they want to keep the app as simple as possible.

8. I have used Gatsby in the past and most of them use Netlify form submission, or some third party (  Without using a third party solution, I am not sure.

Hope my responses help you.

Good luck for your project 🙂