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Publii 0.36 Prerelease 4!

Avatar photoVerhoeckx

Hello Bob,

Thank you very much for your answers!! Publii is looking great!!


  • Great that there will be an ’embed’ block in the block editor!
  • Instead of adding a text field to the postConfig array to show some text to the right side of my page I’m now trying to add a second menu to my website. It’s now working yet (see last comment on this page) but I hope it will soon! In that case you can forget my feature request about adding a wysiswg field to the postConfig array.
  • I totally understand you won’t go through with adding the possibility of translating the app to another language. It opens Pandora box of all kind of new usability bugs!
  • I solved the bug which converted capital letters to lowercase letters. It was the following line in the stylesheet that caused it: text-transform: lowercase;.
  • About the post options: okay, I just tried to find a solution to minimize the visible space it needs in order to show all the options.


Open questions

  • Did you receive my feedback on the online documentation that I sent to you?
  • Is there still a plan to implement a feature to create pages?


Possible usability bugs

  • About the new Code and HTML feature in the code blocks: maybe rename one of these options (or both)? I find it a bit confusing because they both almost suggest the same thing.
  • About the HTML block: I thinks it’s more user friendly when you always show the HTML code because if you don’t, it’s not clear what the white spaces means/contains.
    To the contact page of my website I added the HTML code that is necessary for showing the OpenStreetMap/Mapbox map. Because this code has a height, a lot of white space is shwon in the editorĀ  and an user doesn’t know what it means.
    I added two screenshots to this message to show what I mean. I think the solution is simple: just always show the HTML-code!


Possible bugs

  1. I noticed that when I paste some text (from the internet or a document) in the title of the wysiswg-editor the original format is not removed. Can you catch the text, remove the format and only paste plain text?