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Questions about Publii

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Hello Ajeet,

Thank you very much for your help but it’s not exactly what I mean. If I interpret your screenshot correctly you have one menu with three menu items of which one has 5 submenu items. What I try to achieve is having two (or more) (‘main’) menus. The Editoral menu is doing this: it has two (‘main’) menus: mainMenu and footerMenu. You can find this in the JSON-array and in the Handlebar-code:


“menus”: {
“mainMenu”: “Main menu”,
“footerMenu”: “Footer menu”

Handlebar code

{{#if menus.footerMenu}}
<ul class=”footer__nav”>
{{> simple-menu menus.footerMenu}}


I want to achieve exactly the same thing but when I try to this, the second menu (aboutMaurice) is not found? I’m not sure if this is a bug or that I’m doing something wrong. I’m going to try it again!