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Still a problem: Netlify error: Max site size exceeded (104857600)

Avatar photoelmo

Thanks a lot!

My half-automatic workaround now:

In Publii under “Server Type”

  • “non-compressed catalog”
  • Output directory: “folder_1

Files from folder_1 are copied to folder_2.  I use Hazel from Noodlesoft for auto-copying, but a script would work, too.

folder_2 is a local GitHub-Repo. From there I commit and push to GitHub,  Netlify builds and deploys.

Choosing “folder_2” directly as the output directory doesn’t work, because Publii overwrites the folder (and kills the hidden .git-folder).

It’s not so simple and elegant as just pressing the button in Publii, but it works.

And by the way: thanks for your great work!