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2 instances of Publii ?

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    Avatar photoclac1


    On my PC is installed Publii for my personal sites.
    I also need to use Publii for an association’s site, but there will be several people adding content. I saw that in this case, we have to store the files on Dropbox.

    So I need to have 2 instances of Publii installed on my PC:
    – the first one for my personal needs, with the files in my Documents
    – the second one that would point to the Dropbox directory?

    Is it possible? How to proceed?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Avatar photojfrere
    Avatar photoitips3727

    The simplest option seems to have 2 separate devices: either 2 PCs, or one Apple Mac and one PC, then use one device for your personal Publii projects and use the other device for your work Publii projects.

    Alternatively, if you have an Apple Mac computer with an instance of Microsoft Windows also installed on the same device, perhaps you could then have 2 instances of Publii operational: one on your macOS and the other when you switch to Microsoft Windows.

    Or, you might be able to do the same but in reverse: install an instance of macOS on a Microsoft Windows PC.

    Other than those 3 options, I’m not sure how else you could do it (safely).


    Avatar photoclac1

    The documentation cited above does not address my situation. It allows to share Publii with several people, but as you can’t choose the storage directory website by website, all the websites are shared.
    The idea of using 2 devices is good. But expensive…
    On Windows, couldn’t I create a second user to install a Publii and use it for my association’s website?

    Avatar photojfrere

    I would do it with Syncthing  instead of Dropbox. Syncthing would allow to sync the folder with your pro website only.

    Avatar photoitips3727


    While I don’t use Microsoft Windows any more, if I did and had your problem, I would certainly test creating a second Windows’ user and installing Publii for that user. Though, the process might be troublesome. If the second Windows’ user truly allows for the install of a second Publii instance, that might resolve your problem. Fingers crossed.

    Avatar photocandidexmedia

    Is it possible to put all your site files on Dropbox/Syncthing/pCloud/whichever drive, but only share the association’s folder with your team? Try to see if that works, and test it out with different cloud services.

    Keep in mind: only one person can edit the site at a time.

    Avatar photogpsblues

    You can solve this problem by using symbolic links.

    For P. projects you always use the default Publii/sites folder, but when you need to share a site with Dropbox you create a symbolic folder instead of a regular new folder.

    In the figure dott-anfossi is a symbolic folder: its real content is in Dropbox, but it is linked in Publii

    Each operating system has its own way of generating symbolic folders. In Windows I use mklink syntax

    mklink /d /j “local-path-publii” “local-path-dropbox”

    Avatar photoclac1


    Many thanks for all your answers. I will try and keep you informed.

    Avatar photoclac1


    I’m finally getting around to it.
    I’ve created a second account on my PC, installed Publii and restored the site which needs to be updated by several people.
    And there’s my first surprise: while the site directory on my account is 2.61 GB, it’s 5.22 GB on the new account!
    I have a Dropbox account with 7.88 GB of storage.
    And second surprise: after putting this directory in Dropbox, the synchronization doesn’t go all the way, because all the Dropbox space is full!
    Can you explain this space inflation?

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