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A few questions need help (footnotes/multilingual/ads/paywall)

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    I have a few questions need help:

    1. So far as I know, when using the Publii default editor we can’t insert footnotes/endnotes however sometimes we need to indicate sources. Is there any easier way to do it instead of modifying raw HTML code?
    2. What’s the best way to make a multilingual website at this stage? Is there any better way rather than duplicating an existing site and change the content’s language which is, in my view, a bit clumsy as it’s like making two sites?
    3. How to add ads when using ProDocs theme if we hope to monetize website? Just insert the ads code using custome HTML and place it in the footer block like other themes or there’s other more decent way to do it?
    4. Any way to implant a “pay to read” or “pay to read full article” feature (paywall)?

    Many thanks!

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    Hey leo:

    1. AFAIK, not out of the box. The Tiny Editor appears to have a footnote plugin, but I have zero idea how to implement this. Here’s the link in case you’re more tech-savvy than me:

    2. As of now: there’s still no simple solution. There are some recent posts floating around in this forum and in the GitHub of people who have found ways of modifying post templates and headers to accommodate multilingual posts in one site, but there’s still the question of menus and whatnot. I saw someone in the Forum describe creating separate directories for each language, but it seemed very tedious.

    3. Are you asking for ad placement suggestions, or asking how to implement the ads space like in Technews, Editorial, Easyblog, and N-tech?

    4. It’s not super well known yet, so you probably won’t make much, but give Web Monetization a look: It can be implemented on static sites, and there are some interesting demos on gated content:

    Otherwise, you could try integrating something like Authorizer with payment processing (if you have the skills for it), or pay for a service like Userbase, which can connect to Stripe (still requires the skills to implement).

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    Thank you very much for your informative reply.

    As to the ads, actually I’m wondering where to place the ads when using ProDocs. It seems I can only put the ads below articles in most Publii themes like Simple/Mercury/Taste because they are all one-column layout. In ProDocs there’s a sidebar menu right aside. Can we put the ads above/below that menu? How to do that while not break the page layout?


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    You probably could, although it’ll require some modification of that menu partial, and likely some CSS tweaks.

    Do you have a sketch of how you imagine the layout to look vs what you’ve been able to do so far?

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    Also forgot to mention: if you don’t mind automated translations, there’s a Google Translate website plugin you can try.
    I also made a gist:

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    Thanks candidexmedia, you are very kind and helpful! 🙂

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    For the Multilanguage; personally, I run 2 different websites, one per language.