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Add a Render Only button.

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    Many times I wanted to be able to render the site without opening a preview web page.

    Here are two reasons:


    I simply want to check out the output code of a given page by opening it in notepad. Yes I could navigate the opened preview and viewing the source code, but that is not as desirable or as simple as opening the resulting html page in notepad and comparing the result to the  template.


    I am debuging a template using something like this…

    {{log level items}}

    … and I am more concerned with what appears in the rendering-process.log.

    I get that not everybody needs this button, I am thinking that this option could be turned on and off as needed using a toggle button within the app settings.

    I cannot tell you how many unneeded browser tabs I have closed these past months.


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    It is worth consideration – I will think how we can solve it on the UI level:

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    I closed so many browser tabs (probably over 150) figuring out how to solve particular problems when I used the


    options and only cared about the results in the rendering-process.log.

    This may be a valuable option for someone who is getting deeper into Publii.