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Add ID number in the Post settings / Status

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    It would helpful to have this feature for internal linking.

    Plus Author info might overwrite the ID  as you can see.



    Avatar photo[anonymous]


    Could you explain what is a benefit from showing post ID under post status/settings? Internal linking inside the post uses anchors so you does not have to know the current post ID.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I’m using this to generate links by hand. This feature will not change the face of the earth 🙂

    Avatar photoBob

    Hi Kiki,

    You’re right, this feature doesn’t change the game, but UI so already; we are open to any suggestions provided by Publii users but we can not react to every request of them by implementing each requested function – this way Publii will have one million options and dependencies that no one can control.

    But… 🙂 if your idea will repeat among other users, we’ll probably add this option.