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add metadata/http headers to aws

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    There should be a way to attach metadata to AWS objects uploaded by Publii, especially http response headers like content type and cache-control. I can add metadata to an object using AWS’s web interface, but each time Publii uploads a new copy of the file, the metadata is erased. In a non-Publii project using AWS S3, our team uses a Python script that adds headers each time a file is uploaded to a bucket, based on file type. Something like that in Publii would be very useful, perhaps with settings for home page, posts, assets, and media.

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    I will add this to my ToDo for one of the next releases.

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    That’s really good news. I believe setting http headers is a crucial and necessary task for a web dev.

    I went to to poke around and see if it’s something I could work on, but I didn’t really see anything relevant. It might be over my head.