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Add new ‘Raw HTML’ block editor option

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    Is there a way to extend the list of items available in the block editor drop down list?

    What I’d like is a Raw HTML block option where I could create/edit my own HTML without restriction. Using this alongside the Custom CSS tool would open up a world of possibilities – without the need to override a theme every time I needed a new bespoke section. This would be a great extensible way to allow those with HTML/CSS knowledge to add hero’s, price lists, and feature blocks, etc.

    I don’t see a way to extend/configure the block editor option via config so I suspect this functionality is baked into the app. Happy to be wrong though, and even happier if this could be added to the roadmap?

    Note: This is a different from pre-baked blocks that I see others have requested.



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    I just realised that I can add whatever HTML in the WYSIWYG editor that I need. Don’t know how I missed this. This is great! Too much power I fear! This now removes the need to have a Raw HTML block items in the block editor for me… I think.