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Adding image links from file manger creates duplicates and breaks links.

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    Okay. I add an image and create a link, ePub. All is fine.

    However when I add another image and link, PDF, I get a duplicate of the ePub image with the PDF link and a correct PDF image link.

    Now I delete the incorrect ePub image and link. All is fine.

    However when I try and add a third image and link, Kindle, I get a duplicate of ePub and PDF and no Kindle image and link. That was last night. Tonight I get a duplicate PDF with an incorrect link and a Kindle image link which is correct. Again I delete the extra image link.

    So I achieved my goal today, however, I drove myself crazy last night trying to get three unique image links. I was simply not possible.

    I have example images, however I cannot post them. Your system does not offer this option. **Sigh**

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    Your issue is strictly connected with fact how WYSIWYG editor works, but you can solve your issue by adding image links in a different way.

    When you create a link around the image, you must later click right arrow to “escape” from the link, because if you will try to add another image directly – it will be added inside the previous link. That’s why, when you click to add/edit link you see link from the previous image – in fact both images are inside the same link (you can check it in the source code).

    I will check if it is possible to automatically “escape” from the image link, but it can be really hard, so I cannot promise that I will fix this behaviour.

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    Ah Ha! I will check this out the next time.

    Thanks Tomasz!!