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Allow Authors to use a post for a profile.

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    The Authors page is a bit lackluster. I generally do not use it for this reason. Though appreciated, I can see that being able to create a more extensive profile by using a post as being a valuable option. You could possibly have a “switch” to enable or disable posts.

    In effect, I can see being able to use a post instead of the “description” and a switch to add, or not, posts as you do already. This would be a handy feature. I realize that I could modify this behavior myself, however, many users may not.

    Imagine you are a lawyer. One quick look at attorney profiles on the net would show that a detailed profile is required. This is true for programmers, academics, real-estate professionals, politicians (ugh), activists (double ugh), etc.

    This seems like it would be a simple change though templates would likely require updating also. Again simple.


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    Great idea, but rather than reading a post I would prefer more customization options and a full editor built into the page. Just like in the posts …
    At the moment I create a custom author page, but it is not the most comfortable way.

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    I could bang up a slick page in Coffeecup Site Designer and turn off author links and create some sort of way to present a profile and link to the hand made page, however, other than all that work, for most people, I can see frustration in not having enough options for the author page. Heck – I could probably think of some slick way to get what I want – but the ordinary user should not have to work that hard.

    Let’s face it, in regard to author profiles, some sites require more, some less, some not at all. For example, my rentals site could benefit from a more extensive friendly profile – a page with lots of warm and fuzzy schlock, while my landlord association would require less than a full page with detailed professional information, and lastly a site selling t-shirts or something for family does not need anything at all.

    Not everybody has the skills we do. That is why Publii exists. It is the best on the planet for creating websites – let alone blogs- and anyone could be successful in creating a website that perform. Publii is that intuitive and simple to use. It is absolutely brilliant!